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Top 5 favorite posts

1.) Kelsey- Nike finishes First
I like the different variety she had in her vodcast. It was almost like a news package without being too formal. The interview and footage of the players on the court were a great touch.

2.) Blair- A Wild Sunset Atlantic Adventure with Alyssa and Blair.
I’m a sucker for a photo essay. I just love photography and any photos of a band or music scene of any sort will keep me interested. It looked like a lot of fun. Made me want to be there!

3.) Rob- Sports Bars in Oswego
I love sports, and I love bars! The details he gave about each bar were interesting and helpful. He made it short and sweet and the post served it’s purpose.

4.) Elisa- How to Make a Positive First Impression
This is helpful information to essentially everyone, so naturally I was intrigued! The pictures are nice to add a visual to what I was reading. There were good tips that I think anyone would find useful.

5.) Christy- The Life of an Indie addiction DJ
I love indie music, and I love radio. I want to get into WNYO next year as much as I can. Indie music goes so unappreciated so it’s nice to see someone take such an interest in it. This post was fun to read and like I said– I love photo essays! Music + photography = a great read.


Product Review of Insanity

So, what can a person say about a big round ball? It seems almost boring at first, but if you’re even remotely into fitness you will find that a stability ball will work wonders for your body. And the best thing– they’re insanely cheap! You can find a stability ball for ten bucks at stores like Target, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modells (for those of you on Long Island), even RiteAid carried a few at one point! They’re extremely easy to find! Another great thing about stability balls, are that for this particular product, brand names are not as vital as they are for other products. First Fitness makes some great products, especially for beginners. Other brands include Weider, IronMan, Natural Fitness, and Gaiam, among many others. A stability ball is the perfect item to keep stored under your bed to get the perfect 30 minute exercise in before class.

Like I said earlier, this thing works wonders. You can do countless exercises with just the stability ball alone. The most common part of the body to work on a stability ball is our core, or our abs. Many people find it effective to do stability ball crunches because it facilitates the movement, and it’s a little easier on the back than a floor might be. You can do upper abdominal crunches, lower ab crunches, and oblique (or side ab) crunches, all by making minor adjustments to your position on the ball. You can also make it more or less difficult by how close or far your feet are from each other. The closer your feet are on the floor to each other, the more difficult your crunch will be, because your balance becomes affected.

Another personal favorite exercise of mine that you can do on a stability ball, is the plank. This also works out your core, as well as your shoulders. Just by propping your legs up onto the ball facing down to the floor, you can maximize the work a regular floor plank would do by adding that balance factor with the stability ball. There are several advancements you can make from this position. You can turn the plank into a push up, or you can do lower abdominal curls by drawing your knees into your chest while on the ball. Again, the balance helps benefit your abs better than if you were to do them on the floor.

A different kind of plank you could do on the ball is one where the focus becomes your arms on the ball, rather than your legs. This plank is slightly more difficult, because the balance factor increases, making it harder to stay in the plank position for the amount of time you are aiming for.

Another great body part to work on the stability ball, is your hamstrings. I like to point this out, because often times, people forget to work their hamstrings, or just can’t think of an exercise that really works their hamstrings without using any of the machines (which requires you to actually get to the gym, or purchase one which is hundreds of dollars). A simple hamstring curl on the ball will get the job done better than any other hamstring exercise  I can think of, and it isn’t that challenging to do! I found a picture on the web that explains it perfectly! Moving from A to B like the picture shows, will accentuate the hamstring muscle.

Keep in mind this is a professional demonstration and it does not have to be perfect for it to get the job done! If you can’t get your butt up in the air, and your feet perfectly square on top of the ball, like displayed, that’s okay! Small steps into the exercise work best, anyway!

There are so many other body parts you can work on the stability ball, like your butt, quads, back, chest, and arms. Below I’ve posted a link to a video that might be helpful to see how other exercises should be performed with a stability ball. I have also added some links to where you can purchase a stability ball and how much they are! If there is any piece of fitness equipment I recommend most, it’s definitely a stability ball!

Stability Ball Exercises

Target Stability Ball

Walmart Stability Ball

This is an interview with the graduate assistant manager of the fitness centers on campus. The sound of the interview is slightly different because we were in the locker room of the gym to get away from the loud music!

This is an article review I conducted from the journal, New Media and Society entitled “Wii Has Never Been Modern: ‘Active’ Video Games and the ‘Conduct of Conduct.'”



Spring break was quite the week for me as I hope it was for all of you! I was afraid that the ten days in Florida were going to do some damage to my workout ethics, but, boy was I wrong. First off, the beaches in Florida are nothing like the beaches on Long Island, where I’m from. I went to both, New Smyrna Beach, and Daytona Beach and both were absolutely beautiful with flat as a board surfaces and sand that was so soft

and fine that you could sleep for hours on it. I made a smart move by bringing my sneakers to the beach. I was able to run a good mile or two every time we went to one. What an adrenaline rush it is to run under the sun with a warm breeze and the ocean misting your face! Running on the beach is one of my favorite things to do, but the beaches on Long Island are not as flat, so it’s a lot more difficult. Running in Florida was almost effortless!

I must admit, although I tend to think of myself as a relatively fit person, I struggle with some techniques… like a handstand, for instance! I tried over and over again to get it right but I was always in need of some assistance. I’ll have to practice that one a little more–

maybe not in sand and water next time! It’s  good to know there are quite a  few things I can work on. When I wasn’t at the beach my friends and I did A LOT of walking. We walked all through Daytona, where the annual Bike Week was going on. When I say WOW, I have never seen so many bikers in my life! It was awesome to see all the different kinds of bikes. My favorite by far was definitely this hot electric yellow one with spikes going up and down it with the passenger cart on the side! I really wish I got to meet the owner of this thing!

It was nice to be in Florida for several reasons, one, the obvious beautiful weather. We had ten days of pure sunshine– not one drop of rain! It was such a nice change from the north where we left with snow on the ground. Secondly, we had just finished midterms and we (as well as all of you, I’m sure) were in desperate need of a break from school. Lastly, everything about Florida was so peaceful and relaxing. It really helped rejuvenate me to finish  out the semester.

I also got to see a pelican that looked like Nigel, from Finding Nemo! It’s always the little things that get me.

And, although I personally think the Robert Moses Lighthouse, on Fire Island is the greatest Lighthouse ever, this one was really pretty! And my best friend, Sarah never saw a lighthouse in person, before. That was cool to be a part of!

Now, if you were to ask me what my absolute favorite part of the vacation was– it would be going to Disney World, hands down! My friends and I went to Magic Kingdom for one of the days. We got there at about 11am and stayed till 11pm. I could not have asked for better weather that day. It was 72 degrees and sunny. Not too hot, not too cold!

The only thing that would’ve gone better was my wallet not becoming empty by the end of the day! It was worth every penny, though. I haven’t been to Disney since I was ten and it was just amazing. Talk about a lot of walking around! Now that’s a workout. Add the fact that I was having a blast? What better workout to engage in? There’s really nothing like seeing that castle again. I also ran into the villain of one of my favorite movies

ever. Do you know of Lotso from Toy Story 3? The evil dirty teddy bear. Well, he really did smell like strawberries!! But he still looked pretty mean. Poor guy. I suspect nobody wants to buy him.

My favorite ride by far was The Laugh Floor. Magic Kingdom doesn’t exactly have crazy roller coasters. It’s more of a scenic park. So, a lot of the attractions are 3D shows and what not. The Laugh Floor is based on Monsters Inc. The main character, Mike Wyzowski, puts on a comedy show and the show interacts with people in the audience. It was so cool! And it’s different every time you see it. I can imagine we walked for a couple of miles that day. Disney was definitely the highlight of the trip, but the entire week was incredible and I cannot wait to go back!                                                                                           

After watching two interviewees talk about the The Virtual Revolution, I find that I have similar views as them in regards to this revolution.

The first interviewee is Gina Bianchini.

The second interviewee is Danah Boyd.

Gina Bianchini talks a lot about relationship status and fundamental impact on the way the world works because of the technology of social media and she says “So as people are actually learning how to use social technologies, they are using them in all sorts of ways, so of course, social technology is going to have a massive impact in terms of how people organise politically, what they do economically, and how they express themselves as being unique individuals in a social way.” This quote is rather powerful in that everything a person believes in and knows, has derived from social media and the Internet and this is actually a good thing because it broadens horizons, extending opportunities and possibilities to express all things of live regardless of where they are from. I think she is dead on because it is a new era of technology where it has become one of our primary sources of communication, entertainment, and education.

Dana Boyd discusses using the Internet at a young age and the behavior of these people. I think that we, as a society, automatically assume that young people are going to do irresponsible things on the Internet and they will abuse the privilege of using the Internet. Boyd points out the fact that these young users actually aren’t doing anything too chaotic. They are usually interacting with people they already know. So, sure they may need guidelines and structure while using the Internet, but she compares it to kids in the mall and how they would interact with their friends in the mall, only now they are doing those same interactions on the computer at home.

For the web behavior test, my result was a “web ostrich.”  The explanation the the test gave me was:

Fast-moving – We can tell from your results that you are a speedy surfer – one of the characteristics of the Web Ostrich, whose real-world counterpart has an impressive top speed of 45mph.

Sociable – The web is a social place. You take full advantage of this when you search for information by using social networks and other sites whose content is created by its users. Real-world ostriches are also highly social, even keeping eggs in each other’s nests to share the burden.

Specialised – The real-world ostrich is a true specialist, highly adapted to survive in hot, dusty African grasslands. You might not be at risk from lions when browsing the web, but you are still very focused. From your test we can tell you do best when you concentrate on one task at time, rather than several things at once.”(

I agree for the most part with my results because often times I try to get things done as fast as I can on the web and try not to waste my time with searches that I don’t need to be doing. I don’t  like to “lolly-gag” on websites that I don’t need for a project or work. I look for clear apparent information that will be useful to me. I also do a lot of social networking and I guess that’s why I selected those from search engines. I know I use yahoo answers a lot at home. And finally, while I can multitask, I definitely do a lot better on something when I am only focused on that particular thing.

Gaiam is an excellent source for fitness products no matter what level of experience you have in working out. Gaiam has great equipment, apparel, health and beauty products and even bedding that will put you in your sanctuary “zen”. The product that I specifically like made by Gaiam is the fitness dvds. Gaiam videos are exceptionally well organized in that it really walks you through the steps of each exercise. The modifications of each exercise are also extremely important for those who are not as experienced as others. Modifications keep people motivated because it lets them accomplish each move without being too hard to give up. Gaiam also has a great variety of types of videos. Gaiam offers videos consisting of yoga, pilates, balance ball work, pregnancy yoga, shaping, sculpting, and kickboxing among many others. What is great about these videos is that very minimal equipment is required. Usually, all you need is a mat, if you are on a hard surface. Otherwise, carpet will do. The most that is ever needed is a dumbbell or stability/balance ball– and often times those come with the dvd when you buy it. The specific video of focus is Pilates Core Challenge with Ana Caban. Ana Caban is very experienced in fitness and she is really skilled in explaining different moves in a workout, why they are important and how they work. She walks through core pilates by starting with warming up the engaged abs by simply sitting on the mat, raising her legs with her back on an angle pulsing her arms at her side one hundred times. From experience, this alone really works the abs and gets them warm for the remainder of the video. Throughout the video, Ana Caban explains the moves before she performs them. While performing each move she does not forget to talk the viewer through the workout by reminding him/her to breathe through each exercise. Another thing that really relaxes you while doing this video is the setting. It puts the viewer at the desired “zen” feeling of working out because she does this workout on a beach with the waves crashing in the background. To be relaxed is really important and this setting is perfect. The great thing about these dvds is that they don’t cost much at all. Any one of these videos will cost anywhere from $15-$20 or you can buy them in sets of dvds from $40-$60. They can be found on the Gaiam website,, and in several stores like Target or Best Buy. Check out the Gaiam website here!

Here at SUNY Oswego, we have a marathon of our on campus group exercise classes once a year. This year it will be on Saturday, March 5th. The Cooper fitness center will be closed to extend the group exercise floor for participants. We start the marathon at 12:00 p.m. and finish at 5:00 p.m. The first class will be BGT (Butts, Guts and Thighs). This class will allow us to get into the flow of things, warm up our bodies and help us recover from a possibly rough Friday night! After BGT we will get into H.I.T.S (HIgh Intensity Training Session). H.I.T.S. is a very fast paced workout that increases the heart rate and works all parts of the body. Following H.I.T.S. is Arms and Abs– which is self explanatory. We can take the time of Arms and Abs to cool down the heart rate and focus specifically on our core and arm muscles. At approximately 2:15, Zumba will take place. This is a form of dance exercise that the participants really get into. This class isn’t just for girls, either! All are welcome. After Zumba, Ultimate Abs will take place which is a 40 minute class that focuses on the core only with several static and dynamic core exercises that will have your abs burning! Booty Camp will take place at 3:45 and Yoga will finish out the the program from 4-5:00. The classes are shortened slightly to fit them all in the five hour slot. Each class will be taught by a different instructor. Food and drinks will be served throughout the marathon and it is opened to all students. No membership required! It will be a great day to get in all different kinds of workouts and have fun doing it.